Limbs (2019)
producer, co-writer
For every Bert and Ernie, somebody's got to suck it up and play Bert's left arm. "Limbs" is a young puppeteer; routinely forgotten by her castmates on the Seasame Street-esque TV show she works for.
CBC 2019-2020 Absolutely Canadian Official Selection
See Limbs on CBC Toronto Saturday Nights throughout 2019/2020
Chain NYC Film Festival 2019 Official Selection
Forest City Film Festival 2019 Official Selection

Insomniac Film Festival 2019 
Best Performance - Sadie Fay       Audience Choice Award - Silver

RU Film Festival 2019
Best Film            Best Performance - Sadie Fay       Audience Choice Award       Best Director
+ featured on indiegogo's art's and film collection
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